Penang International Airport

The International Terminal expansion at Penang International Airport—–the third busiest airport in Malaysia is designed by Grimshaw.

I would like to use shape, math and wireframe to describe this building.

Shape: Its plane shape is a rectangle, more specifically, a rectangle composed of the same small squares. The centre of each small square is supported by a tree-like column, which is also the main structure of the building. At the same time, the plane of the square has undulations, and some sub-structures protruding from the tree-like columns fit these undulations.

Math: The entire building consists of 24 times copies of one basic unit. The Modular concept and some simple mathematical knowledge are applied to this. What is more, how to make those columns connect naturally when they are copied? I think they follow the trend of a sine curve. Therefore, when they reach the highest point, their derivative is zero and they can connect seamlessly.

Wireframe: This building can be seen as two parts, one part is the flowing rectangular surface on the top, and the other part is the frame below. In my opinion, the wireframe is generated like this: points→circles→cylinders→four main branches that can form square→other secondary branches→adjust the shape of these frame vertices→copy to form the final wireframe.

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